Turbine Engine Management
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Turbine Engine Management
Reversing the course of "billed charges" is much more difficult than just avoiding them in the first place. My specialized technical consulting service focuses on the entire process utilizing:
1. Upfront negotiation before a repair or overhaul shop is awarded work
2. Proper troubleshooting to insure proper direction
3. Verification of discrepancies found
4. A fair cost analysis process
5. Accountability requiring success of completed work
About Us
This is a technical consulting service providing aircraft owners / operators / and FBOs an open channel to an A&P Mechanic with over 40 years of field experience, Inspection Authorization, and an extensive background to include: FBO Jet Center Inspection Department, Large Corporate Turbine Fleet Operator, Turbine Engine Overhaul Facility and Original Turbine Engine Manufacturer. My vast experience in this industry and knowledge of relevant mechanical details allows me to effectively evaluate the process and cost assessment surrounding your turbine aircraft and engine needs.

You may call upon me any time to discuss maintenance issues. I will work closely with you to address mechanical discrepancies and troubleshooting, or I can assume full management of any project to a successful conclusion. Either way, I will keep you in the loop of communication as we manage your turbine-powered products.

Dedication and pride in a job well done has always been the American way. I am proud to say that my approach to serving my customers conforms to this concept resulting in a very satisfied clientele from the standpoint of both maintenance cost reduction and customer care. References upon request.

I am also a pilot of small aircraft and look forward to flying to your home base airport to meet with you.

Roger A. Boxwell
Please review my website. I look forward to answering any questions you may have so as to better serve you and help your maintenance resources net you greater results.
Roger A. Boxwell