Turbine Engine Management
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Turbine Engine Management
Over four decades of aviation experience have revealed to me that the trouble shooting of both turbine aircraft & turbine engines and their resultant repair solutions are frequently misdirected. Sometimes a costly solution can result due to a lack of focus at the very beginning. In some cases this has caused loss of customer base and the dispute of billed charges. In every case it has caused a hidden increase in maintenance costs. Please allow me to oversee this process for you and open a dialog with all parties concerned.
Reversing the course of "billed charges" is much more difficult than just avoiding them in the first place. My specialized technical consulting service focuses on the entire process utilizing:
1. Upfront negotiation before a repair or overhaul shop is awarded work
2. Proper troubleshooting to insure proper direction
3. Verification of discrepancies found
4. A fair cost analysis process
5. Accountability requiring success of completed work
Avoid high cost overruns
Avoiding high cost overruns is the result of remaining focused on the repair or overhaul process and searching for options to costly discrepancies. Many times turbine owners are not offered the equal but less costly repair solution. Many factors may explain this observation, but I believe it to be a mix of project complexity, employee multitasking during the project, and company profit aspirations.

Please allow me to apply my time and skills to your project as a priority for keeping your cost to a minimum.

Please review my website. I look forward to answering any questions you may have so as to better serve you and help your maintenance resources net you greater results.
Roger A. Boxwell