Turbine Engine Management
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Turbine Engine Management
Reversing the course of "billed charges" is much more difficult than just avoiding them in the first place. My specialized technical consulting service focuses on the entire process utilizing:
1. Upfront negotiation before a repair or overhaul shop is awarded work
2. Proper troubleshooting to insure proper direction
3. Verification of discrepancies found
4. A fair cost analysis process
5. Accountability requiring success of completed work
Turbine Engines
The prices of turbine engine parts are very high. Many of which easily reach $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 and some well over this. During an engine overhaul or hot section inspection failing to possess the knowledge of what may actually be repairable and not asking for it to be sent out to a specialized vendor or to its' original manufacturer for repair very quickly can and does cost the owner tens of thousands of dollars without his knowing so. These are usually add-ons to the original quoted overhaul price. Commonly, engine overhaul facilities are too busy and understaffed to spend the extra effort to save you money. And that may be fair. This is where my direct involvement on site at the "trench level" saves you money. I communicate directly with you by voice, email and photo to successfully convey overall condition so that you have decision-making involvement in the process to the degree you desire.

Due to the age of existing fleets, I encounter many Pratt & Whitney PT6A and JT15D engine overhauls and hot section inspections. I also represent the Pratt PW545A and similar series engines, Rolls Royce and Turbomeca USA engines during mid-life and overhaul level inspections. I look forward to also helping you during your engine event.

As a former overhaul representative at the Pratt & Whitney Canada West Virginia Overhaul Facility, and having also worked for Pratt & Whitney at one of their Service Centers, I tend to specialize heavily on the P&WC line of engines. I possess a knowledge and skill indispensable to the daily operations of turbine aircraft operators and to the shops that maintain them.

My Engine Technical Staffing Program makes available these specialized skills to your maintenance department when confronted with engine operational problems requiring streamlined solutions. I offer this service to you on a retainer basis. Please visit my "Contact Us" page and make me aware of your possible interest in this service. I will reply to your request.

Please review my website. I look forward to answering any questions you may have so as to better serve you and help your maintenance resources net you greater results.
Roger A. Boxwell