Turbine Engine Management
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Turbine Engine Management
Reversing the course of "billed charges" is much more difficult than just avoiding them in the first place. My specialized technical consulting service focuses on the entire process utilizing:
1. Upfront negotiation before a repair or overhaul shop is awarded work
2. Proper troubleshooting to insure proper direction
3. Verification of discrepancies found
4. A fair cost analysis process
5. Accountability requiring success of completed work
PT6 Engine

PT6 Engine

The Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine as applied to general aviation and operated by most corporate flight operations generally see a 3600 hour overhaul interval including the PT6A-41 & -42 engines with SB 3360 incorporated. Related hot section inspections are now set at mid life or 1800 hours since overhaul.

Pratt & Whitney publishes service bulletins specific to each PT6A engine model recommending overhaul and hot section inspection interval times. This information does change from time to time.

Roger Boxwell would be happy to assist you in calculating your next PT6 engine inspection interval based on your specific engine dash number, service bulletin configuration, and flight operating environment. This service is especially valuable during aircraft pre-purchase inspections.

Please review my website. I look forward to answering any questions you may have so as to better serve you and help your maintenance resources net you greater results.
Roger A. Boxwell